Mariella's Sweet 16 DJ in Orange County, NY!

MARIELLA’S SWEET 16 DJ IN ORANGE COUNTY, NY!We had another great Sweet 16 go down in the books last weekend at the American Legion Hall in Monroe, NY!

Everyone danced all night long and our RGB animation laser show was a big hit!

Check out this quick recap video and see what everyone had to say about the party!

“Hi my name is Mariella and this was my Sweet 16 and I had an amazing time. The music was awesome and yeah get this DJ…Today!"

“This was my sisters sweet 16 and I had a blast! The music was pumpin, it was amazing. Get this DJ NOW!"

“This was my cousins Sweet 16. Everything was good, we were popping & locking! All Class Entertainment, DJ, Sound, Lighting, Audio/Visual, you know what to do, call that number!”

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