Sweet 16 Ideas and Themes

If you’re planing a Sweet 16, you know how tough it can be coming up with the perfect theme and pulling everything together nicely. That’s why We’ve come up with a list of themes and ideas that we’ve seen work out amazingly at events we’ve done in the past!

Sweet 16 Masquerade Ball

A fun and mysterious theme that allows guests to show off their creativity with Masquerade style masks or costumes! Matching all of of party elements to the theme adds a nice touch to the overall atmosphere!

Check out Alexandra’s Masquerade Ball Themed Sweet 16 by Clicking Here!

Starry Night Themed Party

An elegant fantasy theme sure to make the Birthday girl feel like the princess she is! (Ask about our Dancing Under the Stars Package!)

Check out Krissy’s Starry Night Themed Sweet 16 by Clicking Here!

Hawaiian Luau / Beach Party

Fun in the sun! It’s time to bring out the inflatable palm trees, put some umbrellas in the soda and start collecting leis! These are perfect for backyard pool parties if you’re looking to save the cost of a catering hall or keep it simple at home. If you do get a hall, the good part about this theme is that you can do it any time of year and leave the cold winter behind (at least for a few hours!)

Check out Kelsey’s Luau Themed Sweet 16 by Clicking Here!

Red Carpet / Hollywood Themed Party

Lights, Camera, Action! If you want the spotlight on you (literally) maybe a Red Carpet Hollywood Theme is for you! From a real red carpet entrance to having the paparazzi follow you or even outdoor sky trackers if you want to get crazy! This is the perfect theme to feel like a star!

Check out Maris’ Red Carpet Themed Sweet 16 by Clicking Here!

Glow in the Dark Black Light Party

What could be better than Black Light Cannons and Glow Sticks? If you’re looking for the ultimate club style Sweet 16, this is where its at!

Pretty In Pink Party

Pink is a girls best friend (next to Diamonds of course!) A pink themed party is classic, simple and, well, pretty!

Party Like a Rock Star Theme

When you look back on your Sweet 16, how do you want to remember it? Was it an average party or did you Party Like a Rock Star? This theme is based off of the idea “Go big or go home”. This is where you pull out all the stops! From celebrity cardboard cutouts to, cool shades and Inflatable guitars, the possibilities are endless!

Mardi Gras Themed Party

Beads, masks & more beads! This popular theme is fun and brings out the big festival vibe in everyone! With a Purple, Green & Gold color scheme and some upbeat music, let’s bring Mardi Gras to you!

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